“He Wenjue wants to describe the meaning of a swimming body in the water. Using a floating body in the water to imply the relation of today’s society pressure and the peoples’ feeling such as the weightlessness of physics, the pressure of physiology and the experience of psychology. In a word, He Wenjue’ s water want to expression a meaning of the body floating in the weightlessness that will go with the stream, he wants to compensate or escapes from the society and fights back the life in today. In my opinion, He Wenjue’s water not only a majority of people’s feeling in the society of 90’s last century but also a vision symbol of a life meaning in modern peoples’ existent station.”

————Zou Yuejin

Watch Movie              

“Sometimes, the artist would create two paintings in sequence for one scenario.  He even created five paintings in sequence for the smoking posture of Maggie Zhang in In the Mood for Love, with a plural and gradual arrangement, just like film clips.  These exploration and experiment preserves every detail of his artistic feelings, highlights the melancholy, transience and mystery of these movies, and transmit an implication of “world in the mirror” and "images beyond image".  In thus way, the artist offers us a diversified point of view to redefine the possibility of artistic language as well as finds himself a larger space to identify his new judgment and interpretation on painting and art."

 ————Feng Boyi

Daily Images               

He Wenjue began to abandon movie images and turn to reality images. It was completely different between paying attention to things in reality into the movies. Because for the movie images, the audiences had already acquired image visual experience through the movies, and it was used to convey narratives. 

————Yu Ding


"For the portrait creation, He Wenjue’s previous exploration was unconventional. He Wenjue used to take film footage and the portrait as the resource for art creation in the 'Watch Movie' series. In terms of technique, this kind of exploration method with story and emotional tendency makes the portrait more lively thus differing from the traditional portrait."

————Pi Li

   Sculpture Installation    

Power can be divided into public power, private power, shared power, the way in which the wealthy uses and distinguishes these “powers” is in fact a warning for me, their thoughts on death is equally pertinent to everyone else.

————He Wenjue