Wenjue: the canvas as a stage

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Wenjue: the canvas as a stage

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He has star quality, known as the star artists. He is a representative figure of the contemporary artists born in the 1970s. He works very representative, reflecting the community spirit of the generation of Chinese characteristics, and are very closely linked with the contemporary life. Whether it is his creation of "water" series and "movies" series or "portraits" series as well as daily image series, the extraordinary is unique in the Chinese contemporary art is unique significance. He is painting "Water Series" in the art circle quickly became famous painting "film series into a broader perspective, to draw portraits series led to a strong controversy, to draw daily image series media attention the famous contemporary artists Wenjue.

Interview Notes

He Wenjue first impression is aptly named. He, at first glance, a paradox. He has a shuttle angle distinct square face, broad forehead, written wisdom. He had a pair to reveal the experienced eyes look deep to see that this is a story of people. His loud laughter, life real, charismatic, personal influence in my circle of friends. He is the unique personality of the Aries man, elegant melancholy temperament, the spirit of affluent adult males. Interview with him, not one word to define, interpret, read the thick dictionary, he can not find an exact word can be summed up. Rather, he is not a simple one word can define.

The first interview Wenjue 798 "time" cafe. At first glance, his body out infiltration of the art from the bones, some people say is the artist's "dissolute and uninhibited, it was said that the artist's" proud conceited, he was a look of calm is a man true. Prior to this, the rumors about Wenjue have heard a lot. Travel extensively, into business, experience the legendary and outstanding personality, and his atmosphere, likes and dislikes clearly, do not install ... that interview, his words. Silence restrained. Verbose. It reminds me of a celebrity’s saying: decisions based on life do not need to explain.

Perhaps more good artists with their works to express their inner In the years of the interview, I found that many artists are generally not good at language, or barriers to self-expression, weak expression of the desire and ability to use language. Wenjue more skilled in the language of painting to express their Painting, natural dream Wenjue. When the dream into reality, by virtue of his dedication to painting the pursuit of success. Once heard a well-known curator in China's contemporary art in the first-line character, Wenjue may be the next go farther. Hole not to the wind, I have always believed that the success of a person must have their reasons: an artist crazy, paranoid, again Ningba, then sensitive, and then into a dead end, as long as he is willing to work tirelessly breakthroughs and innovations,coupled with some of the necessary chance, he can be successful. Wenjue.

Wenjue are born artists, starting from a young age, he really wants to be a comic artist just like He Youzhi. This was his childhood dream. He was born in a family of artists, from childhood to follow when the artist's mother to learn painting. Weekdays, the He Wenjue popular mother loved literature and read a lot of literature, perhaps because of his high literary cultivation, so every time to see Wenjue painting works, there is always a strong feelinghis paintings behind the story. The 1970s in the face of the collapse of the old values, to find balance in restless confusion, as well as some warm scenes and soft memories.

Although there was a lot of people feeling that the traditional Chinese ancestor life philosophy, desires and restless torrent washed away, but the reality of people, many of which are still adhering to the philosophy of life of the ancestors of firmness and flexibility. Is born in the 70s Wenjue.

Benevolent love mountains, wise love water

As a successful artist, Wenjue no doubt are very lucky, because he is already determined the boundaries of self, select the theme and personality. Him over twenty years of artistic creation has gone through four important stages: "Water Series", "to see the film series", the portraits Series "and" daily image series.

He Wenjue grew up in the water's edge, so it has long been keenly felt in the torrent of the times, how to handle the proposition, so with the "Water Series" his fame in the arts. When I Wenjue bright and spacious with design studio, first saw he created three great visual impact "Water Series" paintings that moment, let me think of water three Prospect: see water is water, water is not water, and finally see the water or water.

The so-called benevolent love mountains, wise love water. Water Series "works in Wenjue see the water is the water - see water as a quiet passion, anxiety, pulsation, and despair; Second, water is not water - to see the waves, ripples, undercurrent the waves; finally see the water or water - is a clear pass thorough it makes one dizzy as if born to wrap our film mysterious cordial, water for Life ...

An old saying: The water must not be too clear, clear there are no fish. Of Wenjue art world, water is not clear, clear the order of a dream. When the dream into reality, the water series Wenjue fame in art circles. Laid the Wenjue series of "green water" in the status of contemporary art works, screen language, there is calm in the confusion, entangled in the direction upstream, drifting without, self-improvement. This is the moment this day and age young people shared emotions and experiences, screen Wenjue of water devoted a strong personal feelings, expressing After 1970 this generation a sense of loneliness and charge forward in the spirit of pursuit.

Why did you choose on the initial draw water? Wenjue, said: "for several days, wander loss, mind blank, such as washing out of the empty confused, unsuspecting face of boundless space of the hurricane, sometimes I feel that everywhere touch and indifferent to the feelings appropriate, sometimes whom shudder ... I was thinking: Do we want the idea to create the kind of vain things? That resulted in relatively absolute? The kind of gazing at the shadow of Emmanuel? That the phenomenon of reality? In my "green water" series, each painting has a seemingly confused but relaxed in the vast green water in one direction in the tour, perhaps only he himself clearly going where."

Belgian curator Marc Bollansee commentary commented Creation of Wenjue: "speaking Wenjue, water is a symbol of any kind of living space: the ups and downs of the water and the instability of water qualities on behalf of thegeneral sense of social instability, while the struggling swimmer forward on behalf of the lives of individuals face many difficulties in finding their own place and make every effort to the pursuit of freedom. "

From the surface of the work, Wenjue in the picture just described the state of a person swimming, but the uncertainty of water waves and light to convey the possibility of numerous kinds of visual expression. Seemingly simple Wenjue screen language, but in reality hidden profound intention of the artist to express. In one sense, the work of Wenjue a reflection of the contemporary people of a helpless, lonely, and the freedom of desire. Each viewer which can be found in his own shadow, floating, lonely emptiness, and even some of the anxiety and emptiness emotional, each of us living in the forest of steel and concrete of modern photos from the water to seehis own shadow.

Love movies, painting film

The creation of Wenjue "Water Series" into the ultimate realm, he was again looking for the breakthrough point, the interception from the movie clips to do the painting again freeze the movie from the perspective of painting.

The film is Wenjue small to large partners. In the world of film, although Wenjue did not like "Cinema Paradiso", like himself transformed into a director, but he can also do his director in the art world. Wenjue drew the water of many years, storytelling, showing the trend of the times the next generation of ups and downs in the painting, until one day he called the film converted to canvas to speak.

The Film painting of Wenjue performance theme is very broad, from war, politics, human nature, to the erotic and cultural, all-encompassing, Wenjue in the film marine interception of their own best able to express their own narrative and emotionalthe ark.

Development trajectory and historical changes in our society "with its unique art form, the film record, and I created the" movies "theme series through a screen in the movie to express my reflection on life and said: Wenjuesocial criticism. "

The created Wenjue "movies" series of works he selected for the "Raise the Red Lantern, Shanghai Triad, shake to grandmother Bridge", "youth" and "Samaritan Girl" and other Asian films,his Chinese director Zhang Yimou, the South Korean director Kim Ki-duk, who shot the film or aesthetic, erotic, or classical, or romantic, or the life of the lens into the painting. These films mostly thin colors and brush strokes, was imbued with a slightly sad and melancholy atmosphere, so full of texture screen is not only consistent with the the painting Wenjue the temperament and tone, it also gives the artist himself, the second of the film creation.

Choice of movie scenes and pictures Wenjue has its own selection criteria, he said: "These films and historical events, I think is very important, and let me be moved; picture is necessary to meetthe status of his own paintings, but also in line with their own personal feelings. "

He Wenjue "movies" series touched by the curator of the 7th Shanghai Biennale, and invited him to the theme of creative works for the 2008 Shanghai Biennale "fast city fast passenger. In this Wenjue said: "I quickly into the fast-off 'theme creation of dozens of works by several different historical periods to reflect in my eyes Shanghai. Such as "Rock, shake to grandmother Bridge" in the description of the liberation of Shanghai dancers reduced to deal with the Red and the gang eventually become a victim of the story, the performance of the ten foreign market, entertainment, turbulence, luxurious side. "Stock crazy performance of the new China, Shanghai, in a planned economy to a market economy, the environment, how to deal with new things to their lives brought about the impact of a group of ordinary citizens in Shanghai. One works selected from the movie "Night in Shanghai", tells the story of the series of events triggered by a Japanese designer and a female taxi driver from acquaintance to acquaintance, the performance of the heroine, passion, kindness, strong enough to face life such a story. From which I selected a picture of Shanghai's landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and to highlight the lonely side of the hero, painting mainly the growing city of people with this pluralism is how interdependent."

The inter-face in Shanghai in the course of history is how to change and development, this is the original intention of the the creation Wenjue the dozens of pieces of work performance. During the Shanghai Biennale, Wenjue the movies "series of works evoke the historical memory of the citizens of Shanghai urban development and cultural feelings of extraordinary significance.

When the exposure the Ho Wenjue Songzhuang studio this huge space, surrounded by rendering depicting the film series "paintings, the artist's wonderful creation to bring viewers a fantastic illusion, as if to enter an artist,the spirit of the castle, in his "personal cinema", the theme of the movie staged at the same time, I was surrounded by the images on the screen, a dream, is not a dream. This is the art of painting to bring the visual experience. Pieces of a film series of paintings, like a movie clips connected to one another Unspoken life story.

Portraits, refraction of the moment

The ancients said: Style is the Man. Painter. Painting as its people. Painting Wenjue and his men as real and down to earth. These years, Wenjue of artistic creation is to focus on two themes: "Water" and "movie". These two seemingly different carrier, but both are carrying the traces of years of memory and time. The difference is that water is flowing, the painting is the movie screen freeze. The transformation of this movement is precisely the painter itself maturing bring change.

This career and director of the painter, because it involves artistic expression, so often a variety of human interpretation. Initially Wenjue painting "Water Series" because the water invisible, so there are different interpretations of the version, this Wenjue not make too much explanation. Wenjue said: "The meaning of my work is actually nothing." Do not explain itself seems to be coincident with the temperament of the water.

Since 2008, Wenjue invited to participate in the Shanghai Biennale, will watch the film "a series of works to achieve the ultimate, has been widely praised, he has another way a keen eye focused on the moment of China's reform and opening up standsfamiliar with the business elite in each industry body, he created the "Golden Age Dinner highly visual impact. Characters in the picture is today China's reform and opening up this era stands the familiar in all sectors favored, For example: Netease founder William Ding, the letter Lee, founder and president, Wang Chao Yong, Huayi Brothers, founder of Wang Jun, the arts into the business founder Zhang Baoquan of Antaeus, Sohu founder Charles Zhang, the national digital brands into the international digitalthe field of the Huaqi veterans Feng, philanthropist Chen cursor, Zhang, Holiland Directors Luo, director of South Beauty, Microsoft's global vice president Zhang Yaqin, the founder of Ctrip Shen Nanpeng, divided into four groups sat around the table, desktop littered with scattered vacantof the plate, microphone; screen background is very clear, man-made disasters of the war and the tsunami disaster in nature for the dual background, housing destroyed the earthquake scene of death to life; hail of bullets, fire swirling in the smoke of war ... they gathered in a form thethe whole picture.

Social elite Wenjue selected all walks of life being in the background of a natural disasters, this contrast transmission of man and society, between man and nature, between people of a deep thinking.

Curator Pi Li summed the Wenjue portrait creation: 11 portrait commissioned works, the artist focuses on the performance of the complexity is also implicit in China's emerging class of entrepreneurs behind the portrait creation, He Wenjue slotted previous exploration is "unconventional", in the "movies" series, He Wenjue slotted often the interception of the plot fragments and portraits to create, from a technical perspective, the traditional portrait creation.with the plot and emotional movements explore ways to make portraits showing a more vivid effect. Portraits after centuries of development, has long been out of the bar Zhi "shape" level, reflected the temperament, personality, or the era of psychological aspects mentioned above have a bigger breakthrough, this breakthrough not just technical, but also ideas. In this pluralistic era, entrepreneurs living in different areas, but the portraits reflected the ethos of consistency, we can go back from them the whole country in the "Start-up" all sorts of joys, as well as still not bad in the decades after ambition, all sorts of individuals at this point presented in the portraits, although 11 different individuals, 11 individuals who intrinsic ethos is a whole and commonality, at this point, look at the emerging entrepreneurial class, all can be said the same thing, this is the significance of this group portrait."

Daily images, combing memory

Engaged in artistic creation, often tangled in inspiration. This abstract artist, perhaps a bit difficulty of the operation, because their thinking trajectory. However, for this to go Wenjue humanities-style painter, inspiration often comes from the lives of themselves and people around. Wenjue a naturally sensitive heart and insightful eyes.

In 2011, Wenjue once again look for inspiration from real life, the creative focus on the most to show Chinese contemporary life scenes. Recently completed "Wenjue daily image series of works he selected an unusual subject matter in the daily life, the creation of Wenjue has always been the most familiar things draw from, railway stations, cinemas, markets, in Wenjue’ s works constitute another vivid and true picture of life in such real life scene is apt to cause viewers the spirit of identity. Because the subject matter does not wander, so the paintings of Wenjue with pyrotechnics living breath, real, simple, cordial and make people feel warm.

As a viewer, I think the best dialogue of the artist and the audience is to see the process of painting, the painter his feelings, experiences, emotions and some inner secret carried on canvas, bare to look at the paintings, there is no misunderstanding of words, there is no grandstanding of the limbs, silently watching. It is this special way of communicating, to challenge the content of the contents of the painter works.

Therefore, the latest Wenjue created daily image series of works make the viewer feel more real reality, a live in the moment people find spiritual resonance. In this regard, said: "Wenjue all my stubborn and complex in my paintings, not just me, the eyes of the world in the 1970s."

Throughout these years Wenjue in the arts, whether it is "water" series, "to see the movie" series, the series of "portraits" and "daily image series, and both represent the years of his experience grew. See the Wenjue paintings, you will find he will mind in the draw on 10 years of hard work he received a double recognition of the commercial and academic.

Artistic creation, Wenjue said: "art and life should not be to please the eyes of the people, but should be in the works to create a new reality. He Wenjue did so alive, creative, and the canvas as a stage, unabashedly reveals, to find a reason to exist in the chaos of reality.

September 8, 2012, planned by renowned curator Shen Qibin latest exhibition of the artist Wenjue daily image "in the Tianren United Art Center for the Arts held. This will be The new Wenjue showing for the first time in front of an audience. He Wenjue in an article entitled "I think the" literature written like this:

"For me, the 2011 becomes 2012. Only studio plant body began to green fade to fish in the pool to prepare for hibernation, working outdoor garden covered with a light ink as" snow, and they or greenor white, or cheerful, or low ... I just go with the flow loop. Lennon once said, 'go with the flow is the best state of all things.' painting, painting lost armagain become attached to the painting, will be lifelong career to complete the painting as all this is more appropriate close to 'go with the flow'. I always do not want to say exactly how close to the word, because I have been in the natural efforts. I am a normal, every day and I want to own and reside in the lack of communication, negotiation, compromise or combat. Blend with the living dialogue with nature, I gradually came to be able to find their own financial body of which the sense of presence. Fortunately, as an artist, I can own the ever-changing moods freeze the screen. This is nearly forty in the year has also been actively smiling face of life will continue to actively calm to face down the reason."

The deepest impression is inadvertently Wenjue said in an interview, saying: "Painting is a lifelong thing." This sentence Wenjue looks mind calm air, not rash, there is a certain to win the leisurely. This inadvertently revealed to the artist's Fan children may be his natural personality. His posture so that I could not help but think of the famous writer Somerset Maugham once said,: "In my opinion, the most interesting art is the artist's personality, if an artist endowed with a unique personality, although he has a thousand shortcomings, I can be forgiven. "