与何汶玦对话-Talk with WenJueHe

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Questions for Wenjue


What makes you switch from Watching Movies to Daily Images? Is it because movie subjects are no longer popular?


Of course it is not like that, I’ve been focusing on several subjects at the same time, starting with Water back in 1990s. As a result of it, I will definitely keep working on Watching Movies. Since all of those creative ideas are from my own experience in life, when life itself changes, the concept of creation will change as well. Watching Movies never dies, but I’m currently focusing on new direction in my creation. Chances are that Watching Movies will be shown in a different art form in the future.


Daily Images is meditational and idyllic, which represents a peaceful world. The real one that we are living in, by contrast, is full of violence and difficulties.


Actually I’m not thinking that way, Daily Images doesn’t only represent the idealistic life, but also the uneasiness hide behind it, and that’s what I really wanted to show—the nature way of life. I painted farmers’ market, poolroom and somewhere else like the hospital, with the intention to reflect life the way it is like I’m writing a diary and these places, rightly considered, are the expression and epitome of life itself.


Is Daily Images a flashback of the past life, or it represents a possibility to go back to those old peaceful days? We saw a lonely girl was sitting on the bench in front of the museum in Museum;we saw people play mahjong in outdoors. Wenjue, are you trying to express a certain kind of mood, a Chinese way of life, or something spiritual?


Not really. Watching Movies is about the past memories, Daily Images tells the present, they are all simply my opinions about the world, not that I miss those old days. Watching Movies and Mahjong both show clips of the life and I see no solitude but momentary peace in Museum. In my hometown Changde, Hunan, the fact that almost every family enjoys playing mahjong in outdoors, like you drink coffee everyday, is just a certain lifestyle. So Mahjong shows people’s daily life in a nature way. All that I want to do is, to show this world the way it is through my judgment-free cognition.

对于西方人来说,作品“美术馆”和爱德华 霍珀的作品有相似的痕迹,请问您是不是对历史绘画感兴趣?

For westerns, Museum looks similar in some ways to Edward Hooper’s paintings, are you also interested in historical paintings?


I like things with peaceful and solitary image because deep inside, that is also the way I am. Museum is not a copy of any historical paintings. I truly appreciate Hooper’s works and that’s probably why I got influenced by his painting style and reflect it in my own works unconsciously.